Mihoko Tsurusaki (T-SMECA consultant at T-SMECA)

Mihoko Tsurusaki

T-SMECA consultant at T-SMECA

Before becoming an independent management consultant, Ms. Tsurusaki worked for several foreign affiliated companies in Japan where she was involved in setting up new business, making improvement plan at quality assurance department. She had experience to work for Duty free shop and Japanese car imported company in Auckland.

Yukihiko Itani (T-SMECA consultant at T-SMECA)

Yukihiko Itani

T-SMECA consultant at T-SMECA

Mr. Itani contributed foreign affiliated companies in Japan and overseas where he built an extensive management-related career: Manager for promotion of Japanese market advance, market reclamation duties.
He obtained MBA at University of Oregon, MOT at Nippon Institute of Technology and PR of Singapore.